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Brand Champion: Fernando Soto
20 Jul 2017

Brand Champion: Fernando Soto

Since 1941, Dickey’s goal has always been to serve its loyal guests authentic, delicious barbecue.

Owner/Operator Fernando Soto is continuing this tradition of southern hospitality at his many Dickey’s locations across Texas. He credits his success to making guests the top priority. One of his stores recently went above and beyond for its guests when its ice cream machine unexpectedly stopped working. The manager on duty promptly went out and purchased individual ice creams to make sure they could deliver on their promise of free ice cream to all guests. It’s details like this, says Soto, that make or break a customer’s experience.


“There was a cost to us, but in the long run, it is worth it to have a happy, loyal customer,” says Soto. “This is one of the core values at Dickey’s corporate, and one that I strive to instill in my employees at all my stores.”  


It’s Owners/Operators like Fernando Soto who go the extra mile for their guests that maintain Dickey’s longstanding reputation for exceptional customer service.