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Real Talk with Real Owners: Bill and Jonathan Marble of Addison, TX
16 May 2016

Real Talk with Real Owners: Bill and Jonathan Marble of Addison, TX

Just refer to them as ‘Restaurant Impossible’ Texas-style, Owner/Operators and father and son duo, Bill and Jonathan Marble are making barbecue go ‘Boom!’ in Addison, Texas. In seven months, the dynamic duo have been on a smokin’ train of success after taking ownership of their restaurant and establishing solid operations and guest experience. “We took a great brand name and applied a little TLC, and now we are already becoming recognized in our community,” shares Bill. 

With a guest-first mentality, Bill and Jonathan have taken the Dickey’s strategy in implementing a strong community marketing plan. Their persistent tactics in connecting with local businesses, partnering with local schools and participating in local events such as a popular three-day food festival, have taken their store’s presence and production to the next level. “We engage with our surrounding community introducing our brand and capabilities every day, which includes raising the bar by smoking less meat more often to ensure the highest quality product,” says Bill. Elevating their guests’ expectations in food quality, their team recently executed 43 caterings last month, including a successful full-service catering that fed 340 people in an hour.

Their hyper-focused guest experience has also been replicated in-store. “The daily training videos have transformed our staff’s mentality toward customer experience and have raised the performance level in our daily operations,” adds Bill. “It has been an emotionally rewarding experience to stay ahead of the curve and witness the success of our store.”