Dickey’s Barbecue will assist you during multiple phases of the development process from site view to design and construction. In addition, we also provide support from the development team in these areas: Architectural building design and engineering support, review of site during due diligence phase, approved contractors list Bid review and comparison, construction project management, assistance with development of construction timeline, and assistance with vendor ordering from a preferred vendor list.



We provide a comprehensive training program at Barbecue University, an intensive three-week training program that teaches the skills needed to open and operate a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. Barbecue University trainees will spend one week in the classroom and two weeks in our training restaurants. In the classroom, trainees will work through the Dickey’s Operations Manual and learn from our barbecue experts. Classes consist of lectures, reading, homework assignments, group activities, demonstrations, quizzes and a final exam. Yep, it’s class.



Our marketing department operates as an in-house advertising agency. We have teams in creative, social media, public relations, community marketing, web content and media buyers on-site to optimize the brand experience at every touch point. Our in-house team has extensive knowledge of the fast-casual industry while considering the unique culture of barbecue when creating communications. Having in-house capabilities allows us greater flexibility and the ability to turn projects around quickly with cost efficiencies, and most importantly, high-level creative deliverables that produce marketing results. Dickey’s Barbecue branding efforts are immediately recognizable and memorable, working on multiple levels to drive sales and build customer loyalty.

My favorite part about the barbecue business is the meat. I smoke it myself and always make sure it's absolutely perfect for my guests.

Amberly Patrick , Cleburne

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