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At Dickey's, we have a Passion for creating a work environment where each of our employees can excel, both on an individual basis and as a team. Hard working, passionate individuals who inspire others make up our team and Core Values. At Dickey's, you have the opportunity to learn more than just your primary role. In fact, many of our employees have a thirst for knowledge and growth, which is why we offer mentoring and dedicated Growth & Development opportunities. We believe in you. Growth is in our nature. It's here where you can learn new skills and open new doors.

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SMART - Quick, intelligent, knowing our standards, doing the right thing

DIRECT - Inspiring others through action; making it happen

EDGE - Original, gritty, innovative

RESULTS ORIENTED - Focused on tasks; following through to completion

LOYAL - We bleed Barbecue

SENSE OF URGENCY - Guest focused; action with a mission

POSITIVE - Smiling, upbeat, genuinely excited, bright outlook

ORGANIZED - Knowing procedures, keeping everything spotless

TOUGH - Hard work is the soul of serving barbecue

SELF ACCOUNTABLE - Responsible for actions, successes, challenges

HUMBLE - Courteous, respectful, putting guests first

FLEXIBLE - Stepping up when needed for anyone including team members

RELIABLE - Keep commitment and inspire trust

DETERMINED - Demonstrate persistence and overcome obstacles