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Chandler Barbecue Restaurants

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Are you looking for authentic Texas style BBQ? Well then look no further because Dickey’s Barbecue has exactly what you’re looking for. We take pride in the slow-smoked meats we’ve been serving up since 1941, so you can trust us to serve up some of the best food in Chandler. We originated in Dallas, Texas, but didn’t want to keep the greatness all to ourselves, so we’ve brought the greatness to you! We've conveniently placed ourselves near Chadler Museum, Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center, and Veterans Oasis Park. We hope that you’ll stop by and try us after a visit to one of your favorite spots. Hopefully we become one of your favorite restaurants in Chandler AZ along the way.
We know that you’re going to fall in love with our authentic southern BBQ which is why we’re hoping we become one of your top BBQ in Chandler spots. Truthfully, we know that you’re going to love us and will want to share the love with some of the best people in your life! No worries, you don’t have to share your BBQ with anyone, you keep your plate to yourself. We do, however, offer full-service catering for any event you like. That way, you can serve up some awesome southern tastes without having to give up any of your plate, personally – just don’t forget to get in line before it’s all gone!