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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Scottsdale, Arizona, 7919 East Thomas Road

Looking for the best barbecue restaurant in Scottsdale? You’re in luck! Check out Dickey’s Barbecue Pit located on East Thomas Road right here in Scottsdale, Arizona! You can find your local BBQ joint nearby the Coronado Golf Course and the San Tropez Apartment Homes. Feel free to take a plate to go to your friends stacked with fall-off-the-bone pork ribs or smoked wings, made to perfection! Nothing is better than eating a BBQ sandwich to replenish your energy so that you can play your best game. Don’t waste another minute, we know your hungry! Get your hands on our hickory wood smoked meats and southern style sides. Enjoy our Legit. Texas. Barbecue when you dine in, or enjoy our BBQ menu with carry out and delivery.

The following services are available at this Dickey's Restaurant in Scottsdale - Thomas Rd:
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Nothing is better than our BBQ house in Scottsdale. We bring the flavors and cooking techniques all the way from the BBQ capital - Dallas, Texas. Back in 1941, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit was born, and we still smoke our meats the way we did over 80 years ago: low and slow to get those perfect smoke rings in every brisket, and sweet flavor in our St. Louis style ribs. It’s not so hard to believe when you smoke them for as long as we do, that you’ll have fall off the bone ribs and pull apart meat that makes knives obsolete. Be sure to try out our other local favorites like the fancy pork taco, chicken & cheese taco, brisket & cheese taco, and our pulled pork sandwich. Fun fact: we use a special method to pull apart our pork butt for the perfect sandwiches. It’s called squish and tickle which ensures that you are getting perfect bite sized pieces of porky goodness in every bite.

We probably don’t have to say this, but this is the best BBQ Scottsdale has! We know your mouth is watering, so come by and get your right now! Other Scottsdale BBQ restaurants don’t do catering like us. Come by or call us now, and we’ll be happy to go over your options with you to best fit your needs. We have many options when it comes to catering like box lunches, barbecue buffets, full-service catering, and even party platters! We’ll tailor our menu for your wedding, graduation, birthday, family reunion, or any special event! So put down the phone and stop looking for “catering near me” because we’re right here!

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For catering in Scottsdale, Arizona look no further than Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. Boxed lunches, barbeque buffets, full-service catering, or party platters – the Dickey’s located at E. Thomas Rd. is ready to serve all your barbeque catering needs. We’ll tailor our BBQ menu for your wedding, graduation, birthday, corporate lunch, family reunion, or any special event.

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