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Food to Celebrate after your game at Morse Park

Need a place to celebrate after your child wins their baseball game at Morse Park? Dickey’s Barbecue is your place to be! Amongst all Elk Grove restaurants, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit restaurant is your one-stop shop for all your finger-licking, finely smoked barbecue! Load your plate with stacks of St. Louis ribs or Kielbasa sausages which comes with southern sides like potato casserole, or did someone say, “mac and cheese near me?” We have the smoothest and creamiest cheese in pasta as far as restaurants Elk Grove, CA is concerned. We are the perfect place to share foods because your champ has earned it. Choices. Choices. Choices. You won’t regret any selection because everything will be delicious. Come in hungry and thirsty yet leave full and satisfied. Our bottomless Big Yellow cups allow you to enjoy refills with all of your deliciously smoked meals with your friends and family!

Traditional Barbecue

At Dickey’s we know what family traditions mean when we have been using the same secret family recipe from generation to generation. We are a family restaurant who started the very first Dickey’s in Dallas, Texas more than 80 years ago. Afterall, incredible food brings everyone together no matter the distance. Our focus is to consistently bring to your table Legit. Texas. Barbecue. Whether you are coming in from out of town and staying in the Hilton Garden Inn Sacramento Elk Grove or planning an afternoon tour to one of many Elk Grove wineries, make us your top choice for the best BBQ places in Sacramento, Elk Grove. We are only within a short distance from you. Find a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit restaurant anywhere you travel by downloading our Dickey’s App. We are conveniently located in 44 states with over 550 locations. You can browse our menu simply through your phone and order your favorite meals while earning reward points which can be redeemed for free barbecue. Furthermore, find out what your local favorites menu items are and never miss out on our Deal of the Day specials. We also offer limited time only menu items created by our excellent and innovative chefs. Make it a delightful day with Dickey’s Barbecue.