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Highland Barbecue Restaurants

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You and your friends are having fun under the sun today. There was hiking up the mountains where you all absorbed the scenic views from atop. But the high adventure does not stop there. Your friend suggests going off-roading ATV to explore the desert. What a blast! But then you hear your stomach grumbling like a 5.4 magnitude Earthquake that was about to cause some damage. Same goes for your friend whose stomach is also growling in the distance. That is when both cry no more as you both drop by a pit stop BBQ on your way back home.

That one BBQ stop is Dickey’s Barbecue Pit where you guys order mountains of St. Louis Pork ribs. But before your order was ready for you, you saw some smokin hot Buffalo Chicken Giant Bakers on the Dickey’s menu and guess what? You had to give that a go too. You and your friend both devour the fully platted meals along with complimentary sides of: Bacon & Onion Green Beans as well as Cabbage Slaw. What a fulfilling end to a marvelous day doing high venture activities in Highland, California!

The BBQ pit stop at Dickey’s never seems to disappoint because of our tender and slow-cooked BBQ onsite daily. We are the masters of Legit. Texas Barbecue. Originated in Dallas, TX in 1941, Travis Dickey started serving his most beloved authentic-style barbecue. His winning recipe was an avalanche of success as today there known to be more than 550 Dickey’s locations around 44 states. Taste the same recipe that has been passed down for three generations - Dickey’s is a family-owned restaurant.

With so many locations, Dickey’s Barbecue pit is accessible anywhere in over 44 states. Dine in or order online for pickup or curbside delivery. Full-service BBQ is only one call or click away for all you BBQ catering needs. That is trays of fall off the bone ribs, mac and cheese, or brisket sandwiches package and sent up your alley. Simply download our app for full VIP access to our Dickey Menu. Our Dickey’s catering expert can assist you with any event, any number of people, anytime.