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Long-beach Barbecue Restaurants

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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit located in Long Beach, CA delivers authentic BBQ for the whole family. We are near the popular The Queen Mary 1936 ocean liner, floating hotel. On the same thought, some people might consider us the King of BBQ. What do we do? We do low and slow when it comes to our BBQ meat. We slow-smoked it at 225 F daily on-site, so they are tender, juicy, and savory. There is plenty of BBQ to go around when you visit us. Our sandwiches are filling and dripping with juicy BBQ sauce that makes anybody drool and want more!

Do yourself, family, or friends a favor and pick us for your BBQ experience. Once you come inside our doors, you will smell the authentic smoke of our Texas BBQ atmosphere. Then you will be greeted by our friendly staff that will provide superior service. Besides, you have had your fun with seeing all the cute wild sea inhabitants at the Aquarium of the Pacific, now is the time to get grounded with our delicious smoked meats as an afterthought.

The Best BBQ in Long Beach

Let us do the meat smoking, serving and all – you just enjoy the Texas-style BBQ. That is a great reason why we are known for our Legit. Texas. Barbecue. From Burnt Brisket Ends, Cheddar Jalapeno Sausages, BBQ Chicken, and Brisket - we offer a variety of smoked meats for your taste buds. It all started with Travis Dickey’s passion to serve up the best and authentic barbecue which can now be enjoyed in 44 states and over 550 locations. The recipe for those fall off the bones ribs that you are holding came all the way from Dallas, TX where Dickey’s Barbecue Pit was born. There is no BBQ restaurant that serves up delicious smoke meats with classic southern sides that came from the Lone Star State of Texas. It is through serving Legit. Texas. Barbecue for more than 80 years that we celebrate our success to this day.

Come take a seat and try our famous smokehouse BBQ pit in Long Beach, CA. There’s plenty for everyone and plenty to choose from for any age. Share our Dickey’s family recipe from our home to yours and call our restaurant your very own BBQ house. Did you know that you can cue BBQ for the weekend because kids eat free on Sundays!