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Yucca-valley Barbecue Restaurants

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Not even the best restaurants in Yucca Valley have food that is this smokey! Come on over to our Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to witness the Texas BBQ like never before. We have one location in the city that is right off of the main 29 Palms Hwy. To get there, all you have to do enter near the Walmart parking lot to get hot and steamy food made fresh. There’s lots of places to explore while in Yucca Valley, like the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum but you can come visit us after sightseeing! You’ll be famished, and we have just the stuff to fix that!
Don’t settle for fast food in Yucca Valley. Yes, at Dickey’s we are fast, but that’s only because we have been smoking your meats for hours before hand! When you walk in, prepare to get the best BBQ in town. You can expect all kinds of Southern classics from our menu like smoked brisket, marinated chicken breast, jalapeno cheddar sausage, and our St. Louis style ribs. We start preparing the goods early in the morning so that your food will be at peak mouthwatering level by lunch and dinner! That’s how much we care about your stomachs. But wait, it gets better! Pair your delicious smoked meat with some of our yummy Southern sides. We have classics like potato salad, mac and cheese, brisket chili, and barbecue beans! When you’re done, make sure to grab one of our yummy slices of buttery pecan pie. We know you have a lot of restaurants in Yucca Valley, CA, but they won’t treat you to BBQ like this!
Who would we be if we didn’t offer the best catering of Yucca Valley Restaurants? Now, you can count on us to cater to all your special events like weddings, birthday parties, business meetings, and family reunions. You can choose from full-service catering, BBQ buffet, and boxed lunches. But did you know that catering is not just for the big guys? Here at Dickeys, we also serve family party platters for the nights when you want to treat everyone at the table for some smokey goodness. What are you waiting for? Get amazing BBQ from Dickeys Barbecue Pit in Yucca Valley!