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Macomb Barbecue Restaurants

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Howdy, and welcome to your very own Dickey’s in Macomb Michigan! We love offering up our southern hospitality so come on in! Food in Macomb just got tastier. If you’re spending a day at The Reptarium – Michigan’s Favorite Reptile Zoo and walking about, keep safe and hydrate by stopping by for a big yellow cup. Don’t go out on your trek on an empty stomach! If you’re looking for the perfect meal to go walking on (Satisfied, but not bursting.) we recommend giving our baker a go! Customize your toppings for how full you want to be and get on to see those turtles, lizards, and snakes, oh my! Are you planning on going to look at some art pieces at the Anton Art Center? Try out our edible BBQ art! Hey, we’re beautiful in our own way too! We’re definitely beautiful to your nose. If you don’t happen to catch anything on Anchor Bay don’t worry, call us up! We won’t tell anyone.
Looking for some good ol’ fashioned chicken and ribs? Try us out for size! Our meats are slow smoked and smokehouse BBQ certified. We have a loyal following down south and that means a lot to us! We are passionate and care about every one of our plates.
We have an established famous recipe that is sure to win your heart, just like it did ours! We have secret spices that we have developed and perfected over our many years of operation. We make different rubs specialized for our ribs, pork butt and brisket. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to some dessert while you’re at it! We have delicious cookies, we thought chocolate chip just wasn’t enough to meet our standards, so we made milk chocolate chunk cookies! For a limited time, we’re presenting the birthday cake marshmallow treat! We made a marshmallow crispy cereal bar! Each treat is topped with adorable star sprinkles. We enjoy what we do and hope you will too. Come into Dickey’s Barbecue Pit now and enjoy, legit Texas barbecue.