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Nothing comes close to Dickey's Barbecue Pit when you think about authentic BBQ, with perfected menu items from generation to generation. Come over and see for yourself what makes us the best BBQ joint in town. Whether you are a fan of brisket, chicken, sausage, or even turkey, we have it all. Stop searching for "Pulled pork sandwich near me," because we have got you covered. West River Equipment is nearby Dickey's Barbecue Pit, so there is no reason to come grab a quick bite, or utilize our take out and curbside options. A visit at the Raging Rivers Waterpark will be sure to leave you thirsty and hungry. That is why we have the famous Big Yellow Cup and a smokin menu filled with authentic recipes to fill all your hunger needs. Try marinated smokin chicken or smoked BBQ between two toasted brioche buns, fresh out of the smoke pit, paired with some of our southern style sides, like mac and cheese. Now that is some good comfort food if you ask me! What is a completed meal with out some sweet homestyle dessert? Try our southern family favorite, some yummy pecan pie made to perfection to take care of that sweet tooth! Hmmmm.

Our family tradition and southern style recipes have seen many years of success. For the last 80 years, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Restaurants have rapidly expanded in over 44 states in the nation, with over 500 locations currently open and in business. Barbecue preferences are not just highly personal but also geographical. Ask any Southerner what authentic barbecue is, and, depending on where that Southern BBQ resides, you will likely get a wildly different answer from the next person you ask. In that place, we are still the best, the best in the world in fact. If you come out and check out our BBQ pit stop, you will see for yourself what makes us the best BBQ joint for over 8 decades and counting. Dickey's BBQ is a family BBQ restaurant that is perfect for your gatherings and dinner plans with your loved ones. Whether you are trying to just take care of the stress of making dinner or hosting a big event, we got you covered. We cater all kinds of parties from birthdays, graduation, and even weddings! Any party and any size, no event is too big for us to handle. Your guests will be sure to enjoy every bite of authentic smokin BBQ at your event. We offer an excellent time for people everywhere, and our delicious BBQ menu with smoked meats and desserts is why people keep coming back for more.

Love our BBQ so much that you want more? Perfect! Sign up for our Big Yellow Cup Rewards to earn points with every visit to Dickey's BBQ and redeem free BBQ! If you would like to ask us any questions or set a catering order, go ahead and call us at (701) 663-4227 to take care of all things BBQ.