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Boiling-springs Barbecue Restaurants

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If you are in Boiling springs googling “bbq near me” or planning for a day off to enjoy the best bbq in South Carolina, look no further. Get a taste of the authentic flavor of slow-smoked meat cooked at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. Continuing our family bbq legacy of quality, we operate at many locations globally, serving real barbecue Dickey’s way! Find us in Boiling springs near Boiling Springs community park to dine in after spending your time there with friends or family. With plentiful walking paths and a kid’s playground, it also has many benches to rest and enjoy your favorite meal. Or indulge in golfing at Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park, a great place for practicing soccer and outdoor fun. The park is covered with picnic tables so you can enjoy Dickey’s BBQ feast there. You can also plan a day out at Peter’s Creek Heritage Preserve featuring natural scenery. Simply put, Boiling Springs is a small town in South Carolina with lush green parks – perfect for a picnic, parties, and enjoying authentic BBQ.

It all started in Dallas, Texas in 1941 to treat people with the legit flavor of Texas barbecue. Our low and slow-cooked smoked brisket with marinated chicken breast and other delicious BBQ catering options are infused with years of experience, making dickeys BBQ pit your go to place for bbq. Cooking in the pit bbq, the end result is well worth the effort: succulent, juicy, and smoked meats that literally melt in your mouth. Our winning recipe was an immense success, with more than 550 Dickey’s restaurants across 44 states, as of today. Barbecue is primarily southern food, but We at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit are determined to change that one eatery at a time. Continuously wooing our customers with the home-style taste and family-friendly ambiance, we continue to expand the BBQ legacy from coast to coast. We offer reasonably priced BBQ right from the smoking pit for every occasion or celebration, ranging from box lunches or platters to our classic buffet or full-service buffet. Our delicious menu has something for a vegetarian too – from Mac and cheese, Cesar salad, baked potato casserole to creamy spinach, we have something for everyone! Our southern BBQ menu includes beef brisket, pulled pork sandwich, ham, polish sausage, turkey breast, and smokin chicken, as well as a variety of home-style sides. Every meal is served with buttery buns, dill pickles, and complimentary ice cream. And children are free to dine in on a Sunday Funday!

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