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The only thing better than a juicy fall-off-the-bone pork ribs is a pack of wet naps to soothe your burning tongue in West Valley City. At Dickey's Barbecue Pit, you'll get both! With over 80 years' worth of rich and savory barbecue under their belt, they are one restaurant that knows how to make even the most discerning customer happy with just two tiny little slabs—or four if it has been a day. Grab the best barbecue in town at Dickey's Barbecue Pit after visiting the Hunter Park, Pioneer Memorial Museum, or Veterans Memorial Part. Pick up some BBQ pit before your visit to Tree of Lights in West Valley City for an even more enjoyable experience. Order BBQ online for "BBQ near me" to be delivered to your door during your visit to West Valley City. West Valley City is the city in Utah and a perfect place to live with its beautiful scenery, great schools for children of all ages. Not to mention that it's just moments away from some really amazing national parks. West Valley City is not complete, without authentic BBQ. That is why we have brough you the best in the bizz.

Dickey's BBQ is a chain of fast-casual restaurants specializing in barbecue cuisine. Dickey's began as a family-owned business in the 1941. Travis Dickey, the founder, started the company with a single restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Since then, the company has grown to over 500 locations in 44 states. The company's signature dishes include smoked meats, baked beans, and coleslaw. Dickey's is also known for its generous portion sizes and low prices. In recent years, Dickey's has been focusing on expanding its reach beyond the barbecue niche. The company now offers a wider range of menu items, including salads, burgers, and chicken wings. Dickey's has also been improving its customer service and dining experience. In 2015, the chain was ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction among limited-service restaurants by J.D. Power & Associates.

What is Unique at Dickey's Barbecue Pit?

Dickey's, apart from other barbecue restaurants, focuses on smoked meats, baked beans, and other southern style sides. Here at Dickey’s, every dish was made with love, with recipes passed down from generation to generation using traditional methods. This commitment to the quality and authenticity is what makes Dickey's barbecue stand out from the rest. Our meats are slow-smoked perfectly every time, giving the barbecue a signature flavor. If you're looking for a great barbecue meal, Dickey's is a great option. The food is tasty, and the portions are generous. Plus, the prices are very reasonable.