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Barbecue Buzz

2014 World Series: Giants vs. Royals and their ‘Rally Sauce’

21 Oct 2014

Worshipping a bottle of barbecue sauce is one thing.  But, smearing barbecue sauce on a guy's face when he hits a game-winner?  Well, that takes tradition in to new territory.  And, it gives new meaning to getting sauced. It also sets the precedent for taking post-game celebrations to a stickier, saucier new level.

According to tradition, the Royals have won the American League pennant, and the Giants have claimed the National League pennant. As the ancient laws of combat mandate, these two teams will meet in the 2014 World Series. The Royals will be trying to hoist the trophy for the first time since 1985, and believe it or not, they’re looking to barbecue sauce to get them there.

Leave it to Kansas City of all places to introduce baseball to barbecue saucing. Yes, it's what you're thinking: The Royals have started hitting guys in the face with barbecue sauce. It happened Wednesday to Eric Hosmer, who hit a game-winning single against the Detroit Tigers and then got sauced afterward.

The rally sauce story goes like this: Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie saw the sauce when it was delivered to the Royals clubhouse and told his teammates they needed to "hit it a ton" too. Since then, the Royals have been seen stroking the barbecue sauce for good luck. Guthrie even tweeted a picture of himself "sleeping" with it.

Opening the door to condiments as a celebration tool could get messy fast, but in Kansas City, the Royals have really gotten behind their "rally sauce." Designated hitter Billy Butler's new Hit-It-A-Ton barbecue sauce is helping raise funds for needy families in the Kansas City area.

After losing 11 straight games in May and on the brink of total collapse, the Royals recently anointed Butler's sauce their good luck charm. They have won seven of their last eight games, including a streak of six in a row that ended Tuesday. George Brett, the Royals new hitting coach, has got to feel great that the team is rallying around barbecue sauce and not one of the best hitters that ever played the game. (Or maybe he's wondering how much sauce you can legally put on a bat).

The two positives on this new saucy trend: The Royals going through cases of barbecue sauce means more money for Butler's charity and it elevates our love of barbecue sauce to a national audience. But, let's just hope the Mariners don't start pouring coffee on people. That’s taking it too far.