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Barbecue Buzz

5 Reasons to Make Barbecue Your Valentine

09 Feb 2015

Make Barbecue your Valentine this year

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many of us are still lookin’ for the perfect Valentine. But, if you want a Valentine who will reciprocate your love -- look no further than smokin’ hot Barbecue.  

  1. Barbecue brings people together.  The sheer animal magnetism makes everyone want to join the party. No swiping past this Tinder date.
  2. It smells delicious. Let’s be honest, you’ve never been around the Barbecue and not been completely intoxicated by the pleasant aroma all around you!
  3. Barbecue is up for anything. Nobody wants a boring Valentine and you sure won’t have a dull moment with Barbecue gets everyone fired up…pool parties, sporting events, birthday….Barbecue loves them all.
  4. It has a traditional side. No one understands traditions and family quite like barbecue. Barbecuing has been around forever and has been a staple at American holidays. Can you remember a Memorial Day or 4th of July you didn’t eat barbecue? I hope not!
  5. It’s pretty dang good lookin’. When Barbecue gets ready for a night out, they are the hottest date at the party. They can add some smokiness to any occasion!

Bow Bow Chicka Wow Wow!