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Barbecue Buzz

Are You Ready for Barbecue Month?

27 Apr 2015

Winter has come to a close and spring weather and sunshine are upon us.  This could only mean one thing…barbecue season is finally here!  Manufacturers recommend that your barbecue should be properly maintained and cleaned before every season.  So before we fire up our grills and cook the first meal of the season, there are a few things we need to check out.

  1. Clean loose debris and wire brush components. Debris left inside your barbecue and on parts such as burners and cooking grids increase the deterioration process of your grill.  Moisture is held by this debris, and speeds up the natural aging process normally caused from regular usage.  We want to make sure we remove this corrosive material and extend the life of your grill.
  2. Replace damaged or worn out parts. In order to keep your grill working like new, replace damaged or worn out components.  Over time igniters, cooking grids, briquette grates, heat plates, and burners can deteriorate.  Make sure these parts are in good working condition before every season and replace parts as needed to keep your grill in top notch shape.
  3. Check burners for spider or insect nests. Barbecue burners create the perfect environment for some insect and spiders to make their nests.  When this happens the gas or propane cannot move freely to the burner, and can cause the grill to operate improperly.  This can cause flames to burn uncontrolled in the control panel and be very dangerous possibly causing severe injury. Inspect and clean each burner thoroughly to make sure they are free and clear of these nests, and ensure proper grill operation.
  4. Lubricate valves and hinges. In order for our barbecue to operate at its peak potential we need to make sure everything is moving freely and without obstruction.  Lubricating valves and hinges can restore your barbecue to like new condition, and ensure your barbecue works properly and safely.  If lubrication is not the solution, valves and hinge pins may need to be replaced occasionally.
  5. Check gas connections. Make sure all connections are tight and secure.  Most barbecues are on carts with wheels and can be moved to any place we want in our garage, on our patio, or on our deck.  Over time even the tightest of connections can become loose from the shaking caused from moving our grill or from the expansion and contraction due to the heat created by our grill. Every season we want to check these connections and make certain they have not become loose and tighten all gas connections to ensure safe and enjoyable barbecue operation.

Follow these rules by keeping your barbecue clean and operating at its maximum performance, so you can enjoy your grill for many years to come.  We offer spring maintenance specials starting at just $95.00!  We service all makes and models and carry many of the parts on our trucks.  Call us today at (248) 737-2377 and schedule your appointment today.  Our experienced technician can have your grill operating at its optimal performance and be certain you have a safe and enjoyable barbecue season.