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Be a Pit Master in Five Easy Steps

Published: 12 Jan 2015

Dreaming of being King of the Pit or Lord of the Smoke? Well, look no further because you can be a Pit Master in just five easy steps!

Invest in a wood smoker. Wood smokers are known to produce the most flavorful results. They’re fueled by hardwood blocks which bring their robust flavor to the meat you're smoking. Wood smokers can be tricky.  You must monitor the smoker and add wood to the fire. At Dickey’s, we like to use Hickory wood because the strong flavor pairs perfectly with our meats.

Pick your meat. The best meats for smoking are usually best for tough cuts that need a long, slow cooking time. Cooking meats low and slow breaks down the fat and tissue to produce extremely tender meals. You also want to choose meats that will taste good with a smoky flavor. Brisket, sausage, ham, pork shoulder or pork butt, pork ribs, turkey and chicken are all great for slow smoking. Feeling fancy? Slow smoke a tilapia or lobster.

Be on time! The length of time it will take to completely cook your meat is determined by the heat of the rack, the type of meat and the size of cut. Be prepared to spend hours smoking that delicious meat – brisket can take up to 12 hours. You’ll need to monitor the temperature of the meat with a meat thermometer.

Know your placement! You can either place meats directly on the rack or put them in an aluminum tray. Remember not to wrap the meat with tin foil because it will block out the smoky flavoring. You want it to be able to surround the meat during the smoking process.

Get that smoke ring.  Look for a pink ring underneath the delicious outer crust of the meat. This is a result of a chemical reaction that happens when the smoke infuses the meat. When you cut into your meat and see a pink smoke ring, you'll know that you smoked it right!

And, now you are on your way to being a Pit Master!  But remember, you can always come into Dickey’s Barbecue when you are craving slow smoked meats without the work!