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Beat the Heat and Skip the Line


Beat the Heat and Skip the Line

Published: 01 Aug 2014

Saturday marked the hottest day of the year in Dallas – we passed 102! Although many places across the country have experienced higher temps, guests can always beat the heat with online ordering. We’ve got all the tricks:

This guy needs to skip the line and order online  

Picking up Lunch: The whole department wants lunch and it’s your turn to pick up.  Plus, it’s a million degrees outside. Online ordering with Dickey’s means you can leave your car on, skip the line and grab your food in two minutes. Simple and you’re the office hero!

You’ll even have the perfect 32oz cup to keep you hydrated

Barbecue by the Pool: Let’s get serious, it’s too hot to stand near a grill. Order online and pick it slow smoked goodness to eat by the pool. It’s the perfect solution - much easier and you don’t risk heat exhaustion. Trust us on this. 

Now that’s what we call an ice cream.

Free Ice Cream: Ice cream is the perfect tool to beat the heat and Dickey’s Barbecue Pit offers free ice cream every day. One you skip the line and grab your food, you can grab a little bit of heat relief with a delicious and much needed ice cream. You better eat it fast though.

Want to skip the line? Order online here.