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Barbecue Buzz

Brand Champion: Alex Roth

03 Jun 2015

While working the block for the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Temecula, Alex Roth fell in love with the barbecue and the restaurant business. He knew Dickey’s Barbecue was a great concept and he would be great at running his own location. After learning about the Redondo Beach location for sale, Alex bought the store in the summer of 2013.

“I personally love the fact that each day is different with the barbecue business unlike other franchise opportunities,” said Alex. “You never know who’s going to call in with a big catering order and our business is constantly growing.”

Alex’s location was recently named ‘Best of the Beach’ for the barbecue category beating out longtime winners and his catering percentage is averaging above 20 percent. Following Alex taking over of the location, the store’s Yelp reviews went from averaging two stars to four stars. To help improve awareness of the location, Alex recently purchased a billboard using a portion of his marketing fund.

“We know if we’re serving great quality barbecue to our caterings that we’re going to get five caterings out of that business,” said Alex. “We don’t have a lot of visibility at our location but I immediately saw a 20 percent boost in business when it went up.”

Alex recently discounted a 1000 person catering for a local children’s foundation and regularly partners with the local high school for fundraisers and auctions.