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Barbecue Buzz

Brand Champion: Dennis Farmer

17 Jun 2015

After working for Coca-Cola for over 15 years, Dennis Farmer decided it was time for a new career endeavor. He began researching opportunities in the world of restaurant franchising when he discovered Dickey’s. Bringing the delicious assortment of authentic slow smoked Texas barbecue and home-style sides to the Myrtle Beach area offers a completely different experience than anything else in the market. So much so that Dennis plans to open a second Dickey’s location in North Myrtle Beach this September while his business partner, Steve McLain, operates the first location.

“We have people from all over the country coming to visit the beautiful destination that is Myrtle Beach, said Owner Dennis Farmer. “There is truly nothing else like Dickey’s in the area, and we knew it would be a great fit.”

After working for many years in a corporate environment, Dennis has enjoyed the opportunity to be his own boss. “There is nothing like being on your own and reaping your own rewards. You get to call the shots but you also depend on yourself to achieve success.”

Dennis utilizes the community marketing support offered through Dickey’s to all franchisees. “This has been a huge contributor to our success, he said. “With over 100 golf courses in the area there are a number of fundraising tournaments held by community and non-profit organizations through which we provide both catering and special offer cards to participants and it’s absolutely helped grow our business.”