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Barbecue Buzz

Brand Champion: Victor Anaya

10 Jun 2015

Victor Anaya was a longtime guest of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Humble, TX so when making the decision to get into the restaurant business and discovering the Dickey’s Barbecue location he frequented was for sale, purchasing this location was a no-brainer.  He became an O/O last summer and hasn’t looked back since!


“Everyone knows barbecue is a Texas staple and there are plenty of options out there but we offer competitive pricing, incredible food and service and guests in the Humble area love what we have to offer. We truly stand apart from the competition,” said Victor.


“We enjoy having the opportunity to engage with our guests,” said Victor. They aren’t just here for a meal, they ask about how we smoke our meats, they engage, they share the same passion for great food. It’s so gratifying to see them enjoy it and appreciate what we do.”


Victor and his team know community involvement is key. They have worked closely with the local school district, including the athletics department, Teacher Appreciation Day and recently, catering many graduation parties. They’ve seen increased sales as a result of these caterings where guests have come in for a meal after experiencing it at a catered event they attended.


Victor believes this is a tried-and-true model when it comes to a franchise opportunity. “When you stay on track with your goals and take advantage of the marketing resources offered by Dickey’s, you are going to see greater success. From SMTV to Smoke Stack and so much more. You are not in business alone, you have a strong support system there to rely on.” Also key to his success is his dependable and experienced store manager, Chris Atkins (pictured).

Store Manager Chris Atkins (L) and O/O Victor Anaya (R)