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Bringing People and Communities Together Through the Power of Breaking Bread

02 Jun 2020

At Dickey’s, we are a purpose-driven business. We start every morning off with a company-wide charge call, and state our purpose - “at Dickey’s, we are here to serve competition quality barbecue to as many folks as we can. We are here to expand the family. We here to do both well and good in the communities in which we do business.”

Being purpose-driven has absolutely contributed to our success as a brand and a business. We use our purpose as a measuring stick for every initiative we undertake and the business decisions we make.  Our purpose is also what compels me to write this post. I believe in the power of private industry to better communities. I believe that restaurants are a third space for folks to gather. I believe by breaking bread together you can find unity.  

We must be aware, respectful, and conscientious of current events as a business and a brand. We must also not commercialize current events, the tragic death of George Floyd, the current protests, or the calls for change. I also do not want to send a message of silence as complacent acceptance for any form of racism, inequality, or injustice. So I will say this.

At Dickey’s, we believe in bringing people and communities together through the power of breaking bread. Breaking bread is both symbolically and literally an act of unity and healing. We take that seriously. Unfortunately, right outside of our dining rooms in streets across America, there is pain and frustration, dividing a country founded on the noble and unifying beliefs of liberty and justice for all.

May we use our dinner tables as a place to come together. May we encourage healing, justice, and kindness as we serve our neighborhoods and communities with full hearts. In this way, Dickey's shall forever remain a place for communities to break bread together. This is my prayer for us all. Please pray it with me. 

We are pausing our organic efforts on social media to respectfully give the space for a more important conversation to take place. May this conversation lead us to justice, compassion, and inclusion. You are welcome at our table. We love the communities in which we have the privilege to do business and serve guests. We encourage you to love your neighbor. 


Laura Rea Dickey

CEO Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Inc