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Dickey’s is your Easter Ham Eggs-pert

11 Mar 2013

Easter is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what’s on the menu. Why not put down that recipe book and let Dickey’s do all the work—while you take all the credit?

At Dickey’s Barbecue, we understand that you would rather spend your Easter festivities coloring eggs, baking bunny shaped sugar cookies, and making baskets then stress out over what you’re going to make for Easter Sunday.

Dickey’s wants to help you make Easter entertaining easy with a twist on the traditional Easter ham. Break out of the norm and serve your guests Dickey’s Barbecue Honey Ham.

Dickey’s Barbecue Honey Ham is a 6.5 pound ham, spiral cut for convenience and ease of serving. The ham is glazed to perfection with a combination of sweet golden honey and Dickey’s signature hickory smoke. The Barbecue Honey Ham is available for individual order for $59.95. If you’re looking for a complete meal then you want Dickey’s Complete Easter Meal, which includes the Barbecue Honey Ham along with baked potato casserole, green beans with bacon, Caesar salad and a dozen buttery rolls for only $109.95.

Dickey’s is proud to be part of your Easter Holidays so contact your local Dickey’s today and place your Easter order.