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Eat Your Way To The Best Year Ever

02 Jan 2015

What you eat for your New Year’s meal could bring you luck! At Dickey’s, we happen to serve three traditional New Year’s dishes from around the world!


Did you know tradition says pigs symbolize progress? This is because pigs push themselves forward, rooting in the ground before moving. It’s also believed the rich fat content of pork also signifies wealth and prosperity! Countries around the world including Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Austria all serve a roasted pig on New Year’s Day. In Sweden, it’s even common to have pig’s feet on New Year’s Day. You can grab a pulled pork sandwich or a rack of pork ribs at Dickey’s and ring in the New Year the right way! 


Eat me and 2015 will be one heck of a year!


We all think of traditional black eyed peas to bring New Years luck, but all beans are actually considered symbolic of money due to their small and seed-like appearance resembling coins. Beans also swell when cooked giving off more of a reward!

Cooked Greens

Cooked greens are consumed at New Year's in different countries around the world because their green leaves look like folded money, symbolizing economic prosperity. You’re just in luck – Stampede Stew, Dickey’s limited time menu item, features a combination of fresh turnip greens mixed with a vegetable broth, great northern beans and piled high with Dickey's signature Polish sausage. Stampede Stew is the perfect combination of all three lucky items for New Year’s Day! 


Eat me and 2015 will be the luckiest year yet!

We hope to see you and your family in a Dickey’s Barbecue location this New Year’s Day. Happy New Year from the Dickey’s Barbecue!