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Happy National Trivia Day from Dickey's

04 Jan 2013

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I know a lot of random facts”--well then today is your day! Happy National Trivia Day! In honor of this fact-finding day we would like to share with you some fun trivia about Dickey’s. So use that thing between your ears and add these facts to your arsenal…

1. In 1941 Travis Dickey opened a building at the intersection of Knox and Central Expressway just north of downtown Dallas. The original store had sawdust on the floors and sold only beef brisket, ham, ribs and milk.


2. Dickey’s still uses its original barbecue sauce recipe developed in 1941.

3. In 1967, brother's Roland and TD Dickey take over Dickey's Barbecue.


4. A 40 pound block of cheddar cheese is set out on buffet for customers to help themselves at all Dickey’s locations!

5. In 1978, Roland Dickey attends Cattle Baron’s Ball with Ronald Reagan at Phillips Ranch, near Frisco, Texas.


6. In 1979, Dickey's Barbecue brings in the soft serve ice cream!

7. In 1988 the Big Yellow Cup was born!

8. In 1991, Dickey's celebrates its 50th Anniversary by selling Big Barbecue Sandwiches for the same price as they did in 1941—only 50 cents!

9. In 1994, Dickey's Barbecue Pit decides to add to the family--We officially become a franchise.

10. In 2011, Dickey's launches the national catering hotline, 1-866-BARBECUE