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Barbecue Buzz

Have the holidays left you with leftovers?

23 Nov 2012

Thanksgiving is over. Your family is headed home, your pants fit a little snugger and your refrigerator is packed full of leftovers. You tried your best to send as many “to-go” containers as possible with all of your guests, but you’ve still got 6lbs of Dickey’s Smoked Turkey. In “Mr. Dickey’s Barbecue Cookbook” there is a great recipe that turns those leftovers into a mouthwatering meal. Mr. Dickey calls it the “Hot Brown Sandwich.” So here’s how you do it:

1. Place a few slices of toasted bread or buns in an oven-proof dish 2. Add a layer of that smoked turkey 3. Add a few slices of Swiss or cheddar cheese 4. Broil in oven until the cheese melts 5. Remove from oven 6. Drizzle on a little cheese sauce 7. Add a few pickles 8. Eat and enjoy

The holidays are a time for family, friends and leftovers so enjoy every moment and recipe. For more delicious recipes buy your copy of “Mr. Dickey’s Barbecue Cookbook” at