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Heating Instructions For Your Holiday Meals

01 Dec 2020

We all know the holidays can get stressful when the intention of the season is to relax and be with your family. It can be hard to relax when you have a meal to cook for a family of ten plus, need to pick up members from the airport and have relatives to entertain on top of everything else your normal week entails. That’s why Dickey’s wants to make your holiday the easiest it’s ever been with our easy to order Holiday Feast. The best thing to ever happen to holiday meals comes with a holiday meat of your choice which includes Cajun fried or smoked turkey and for your non-bird loving family members, a barbecue honey ham. Along with a holiday meat, the meal includes sides to make both Uncle Dan and Cousin Ethel happy like green beans with bacon, baked potato casserole and cornbread dressing. To top off the meal, you get gravy and a dozen of Dickey’s famous rolls. 

You can make this Thanksgiving the holiday you deserve by ordering online right now here. Now that heating up your holiday meal(click here for heating instructions) is the only thing left on your plate(pun intended), think of all the things you can do on Wednesday and Thursday now!