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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pit Master


Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pit Master

Published: 18 Dec 2014

A pit master requires their own special tools for manning the pit, cooking low and slow, and getting those tough cuts of meat to tender and delicious perfection. There's no limit to the gear designed for the true pit master, but here is a list of some of our personal favorites that are truly useful and will set your pit's heat aflame.


Tool Set
If there is one gift every pit master needs, it's a high quality barbecue cooking tool set. It doesn't matter if you are cooking on a gas, charcoal, or electric grill, the right tools will help you flip, skewer and prepare your foods like a pro.



Knife Set

For the true pit master, having the right knife is just as important as the right rub. Enjoying a delicious barbecue meal can be difficult without a quality knife. These are a must to get the job done right.



Insulated Gloves

Cooking meats to upwards of 200°F and beyond require proper handling protection. Insulated gloves are great for working with those piping hot meats fresh off the pit.




Rib Rack

No matter how many ribs you cook, it never seems like enough. A simple rib rack doubles rib-cooking capacity, making sure there's always enough smoky, sweet, and spicy ribs for all—especially you wink




Digital Meat Thermometer

As any pit master knows, cutting into your meats to check if it is done is simply not an option. A quality digital thermometer is the quickest way to check the internal temperature of your meats and ensure that it is perfect. Every. Time.