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Holiday Shoot Out – Turkey vs. Ham

Published: 22 Dec 2014

Every year my family has a tough decision to make for the holidays and it has nothing to do with ugly sweaters and holiday movies. It’s the battle of ham versus for our holiday dinner.

Ham might seem like the obvious winner because we just finished up Thanksgiving which is basically a day dedicated to family and all things turkey.  But, the thing is….turkey can be prepared so many ways including Cajun fried, grilled, roasted, beer-can, herb roasted, bacon wrapped or if you’re really dedicated, a Turducken - a boned chicken inside a boned duck, which is then placed inside a partially boned turkey which is pretty dang awesome and can feed a small village.

But at Dickey’s, we sure do love all our Barbecue Honey Ham. If you’re craving something on the sweeter side, ham can sure hit the spot.  And ham is a very versatile player in the leftover category too.

Of course, your family can always have both delicious meats offered at the dinner table which is great when you need to please your savory and sweet relatives.

Who wins the battle in your household, turkey or ham?