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Top 10 Things to do for Labor Day

Published: 04 Sep 2015

What are your big plans for Labor Day? Some folks love to visit their nearest lake or beach to soak up the last rays of summer, while others plan their last fun-filled adventure before fall sets in. Or maybe it’s just to stay home and finally clean out that garage and get the yard work done. Or, how about hosting a backyard barbecue and taking it easy while everyone else battles the crowds?

No matter what type of plans you have, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has you covered.

Here are our top ten ways you can make Labor Day weekend hassle free and much more delicious.
  1. Skip the grill, get Dickey’s takeout. 

    You know you’re dreading the moment you light up the grill, only to find you’re out of propane. You go to the store and purchase a huge tank, come home to set it up, then stand outside in the late-summer heat over the flames all afternoon. Not our idea of a good time.

    Why not skip the grill and get delicious barbecue made fresh when you order? Our online ordering option ensures you spend your precious time relaxing and enjoying the weekend.


  2. Our pulled pork sandwich is the perfect grab-and-go food for busy holiday travelers. Each sandwich is made hot and ready to eat in under two minutes.

    Rushing home from that epic road trip? You’ve got time for a delicious pulled pork sandwich.


  3. Don’t forget to purchase a Big Yellow Cup with your Dickey’s lunch. Keep the cup and fill with your beverage of choice when you’re out at the pool. No glass allowed? No problem.

    Pool BYC Pic.png

  4. Stuck hosting the kids’ sleepover? We’ve got dinner covered with a family pack. Two meats, three sides- even the pickiest kids will be happy. Don’t forget to add a brownie for an extra holiday treat! 


  5. If you just have to throw some ribs on the grill yourself, get a little help from your friends at Dickey’s. Our famous Rib Rub can be purchased at any Dickey’s store. While you’re there, go ahead and pick up some signature Brisket Rub and Foo Foo Powder. The next time you’re ready to grill, you’ll have the zing on hand.


  6. Going to a potluck party? Grab a 10-pack of our delicious buttery yeast rolls at a Jewel-Osco or Brookshire Brothers store near you. No baking required, just heat and they’re ready to eat. There’s nothing better to mop up that last bit of sauce on your plate.

    Rolls WOOD CORRECTED 01.jpg

  7. Throw your own end-of-summer bash using the tried and true recipes from Mr. Dickey’s Barbecue Cookbook – Recipes From A True Texas Pit Master. Order a cookbook here and go all out, Dickey family style. Our favorite is the smoked brisket queso dip. 

    Did you know that you can meet Mr. Dickey himself and get an autographed copy of his signature cookbook? Stay tuned for upcoming events near you.

    Mr. Dickey with cookbook.jpg

  8. Get sauced! Barbecue sauce, that is. Dickey’s signature sauce goes well on any type of meat. But why stick to meat when you have vegetables that need flavor, too?


  9. It’s the last holiday of the summer, so go all out with a catered affair. Dickey’s barbecue is easy and affordable for large groups of any size. Call your local store or order online. Either way, Dickey’s is happy to bring the party.


  10. Last but not least, celebrate the history of Labor Day with us. Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 to reward American laborers for their hard work.

    In 1941, 47 years after the first Labor Day, Travis Dickey opened his first barbecue stand in Dallas. The Dickey family has labored in the restaurant business for the last 74 years, bringing their signature family recipes across the nation and looks forward to celebrating with you this holiday weekend.

Top 10 Things to do for Labor Day