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Barbecue Buzz

Make a Barbecue Resolution for 2015

30 Dec 2014

Thinking about your resolutions for 2015? Don’t forget your barbecue resolutions. They are the perfect commitment to eating great food and appreciating the art behind slow smoked barbecue. Making a barbecue resolution is good for those of us planning to lose a few pounds or learn to live in the moment and savor every bite in 2015.

Vow to go low and slow. If it’s not slow smoked overnight at least 14 hours, it’s not the real deal. Grab a pork shoulder or brisket and take your time to cooking it to perfection.  Nothing good was ever rushed. Make 2015 the year of low and slow. 

Diversify your barbecue menu. Mr. Dickey knows a thing or two about changing up a southern favorite. Take that Easter ham up a notch and make it a barbecue honey ham in 2015 – we promise your relatives won’t be disappointed!

Spice up your rub. A good rub can make or break your barbecue. Rubs are used throughout the country to enhance the flavor of barbecue. Have a great rub and you can seal in the flavor, enhance the color of the meat and lock in moisture making it an essential part of great barbecue.

Participate in a barbecue cause. Interested in some fun competition? Register for that barbecue eating contest you read about in the paper last week or that smoking competition at your local church. You’ll probably make some friends and get a cool plaque for your office.

Make 2015 a year of barbecue – Happy New Year!