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Pig Out! We’ve got new ham!

Published: 02 Oct 2012

Over the past few weeks, Bacon lovers have been sweating the ham-pocalypse that seems to be the topic of conversation in every news outlet and blog across the globe. Some researchers are stating that we are experiencing the worst drought since 1956, which has made the prices of corn-feed has climb to record highs. 

ham pig 

This has ultimately led many farmers to decrease the size of their pig herd. While everyone is cutting back on their pork, Dickey’s is giving pork lovers something to celebrate.  (Drum roll please) … Dickey’s Barbecue is proud to announce the roll-out of our new Barbecue Honey Ham. The new ham is a lean, spiral cut juicy ham that is glazed to perfection with a combination of sweet golden honey and Dickey's signature hickory smoke.

sandwich ham

Dickey’s new ham can be ordered as a sandwich, a meat plate or you can even order the whole ham.  So while other chain restaurants begin substituting pork products for other meats, Dickey’s will be happily pleasing the pork lovers of America. Let the Hamfest begin!