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Real Talk with Real Owners- Preston Reeves of Beckley, WV

23 Sep 2016

<div>Giving back to those who are willing to risk their lives for others is something that is taken with great pride and honor by Preston Reeves. With his father’s role in law enforcement and his own personal experience in the military, Reeves understands how vital first responders are in a community</div><div>.</div><div>September 11, 2001 is the day that tragedy struck our country and since then has been a day where we reflect and remember the bravery of the first responders from fifteen years ago. In Beckley, they held a 9/11 Memorial where Reeves spent his day offering free meals to all first responders of their community.</div><div><br></div><div>This day is also an important day for communities to stand together and support one another. Reeves also played his part for his community by catering his churches’ picnic of over 400 people.</div><div><br></div>