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Real Talk with Real Owners - Angel Gorgios of Livermore, CA

30 Sep 2016

For Angel Gorgios of CA-263, giving back to his community in Livermore, CA is extremely important. Every school year, Gorgios reaches out to all of the neighboring elementary, middle and high schools offering a fundraiser event at his Dickey’s location. On the day of the fundraising event, a percentage of the proceeds are given to the school or organization for their use.

The most recent fundraiser was done with Altamont Creek Elementary School, raising a great deal more money than was expected. With such a great turnout, he looking forward to his next fundraiser and cannot wait to get more planned!

Gorgios says that he loves doing fundraising events because it not only brings in new customers to his store, but is a great cause giving back to the community he loves so dearly.