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Real Talk with Real Owners: Ed and Carrie Wenzel of Macomb, MI

09 Jun 2016

<p class="MsoNormal">It’s a family affair in Eastern Michigan for Owner/Operators
Ed and Carrie Wenzel. The husband and wife team along with their twin children have been hard at work activating their community marketing efforts and training techniques. “We chose to be a part of the Dickey’s family because it’s a proven model that has strong operations and training support,” shares Ed. “It was also a great opportunity for our twins to get a start in life. In a short amount of time, they have learned about customer service, hard work and the responsibility of business ownership."

Since joining the Dickey’s family two years ago, Ed and Carrie have consistently utilized their community marketing efforts to build relationships that drive business back to their Macomb store.  “Whether they’re high school students, teachers or military, our favorite part about being in this business is being able to get to know our community through our marketing initiatives. Our recent guest appreciation event is just a glimpse to how our efforts have led to increased catering and dining sales.”

There’s more to come from The Wenzel Family as they expect to open two new stores later this year in Sterling Heights and Auburn Hills, Michigan. “The Dickey’s home office has provided much engagement through training, operations and marketing support making our transition as Owners/Operators easier and growing our business at a rapid pace.”