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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners - Derek O'Hara of Greeley, CO

08 Nov 2016


Stores CO-1149 and CO-409 in Greeley, CO put their hard hats on and catered a construction site in their hometown! Hensel Phelps, a construction company whose headquarters is in Greeley are huge Dickey’s fans and cater with Dickey’s every chance they can get. Owner/Operator Derek O’Hara loves the relationship that he has formed with the employees of Hensel Phelps in Greeley. “They are very loyal Dickey’s guests,”says Phelps. “Not only do we cater for their company constantly, the employees of the company have hired us to cater their parties and weddings too.”

The stores in Greeley are doing an amazing job forming lasting relationships with their community and constinuously serving them delicious, Texas-style barbecue!