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Real Talk with Real Owners: Eric Evans of Wilmington, NC

09 Jun 2016

There’s a perfect melody to success being sung by Owner/Operator Eric Evans in North Carolina. A dream chaser since birth, the former WWE wrestler and musician’s strong goal setting mentality has turned a lot of dreams into reality. “I’m a dreamer that likes to see things for what they are, not for what they could be. I’m not the one to miss an opportunity,” shares Eric.

Eager to shoot for the stars with his newest endeavor, Eric leveraged existing relationships and focused on developing strong partnerships to build a strong community marketing plan. “There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not networking or growing relationships with the businesses, schools or churches in our community. It has been gratifying to see the fruit produced from my labor as I watch our catering sales continue to climb.”  With his Wilmington store close to the beach, Eric also credits the home office marketing support’s media placements for increased in-store traffic. “We have gained a lot of new business from residents and tourists because they’ve heard the advertisement over the radio.”

Applying the same tactical approach from his community marketing efforts to his in-store operations, Eric ensures the store’s staff is up to standards and executes best practices learned from Dickey’s home office training team. “It’s a relief as an Owner/Operator when your staff is prepared to handle growth without altering the quality in food and service.”