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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners - Frank and Susan Morones of Lake Elsinore, CA

20 Oct 2016

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Elsinore, CA celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sponsoring the Susan G. Koman walk in their community! Susan G. Koman reached out to this Dickey’s location asking them to provide a few food items for the volunteers. Owner/Operators Frank and Susan Morones provided boxed lunches for all 150 volunteers and included a $5 Be My Guest card for each of the 350 participating survivors.

“This was a great opportunity to really make a difference and let the community know that we are here and we care about them,” says Susan Morones.

Not only did store CA-1200 participate in the race, they designed pink shirts for every staff member to wear in the store. “We wanted racers, survivors and volunteers to know that this was a whole store effort,” says Tanya Korman, General Manager of CA-1200. “If anyone from the event decided to visit Dickey’s that day, we wanted them to feel supported by our staff as well.”

The Morones’ are looking forward to having the opportunity to participate in this event again, and hope to make it into a yearly tradition.