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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners: Marc Cohen of San Antonio, TX

29 Jan 2016

Marc Cohen started his career as a chef in restaurants, hotels and even catering for NASCAR races. He worked in high-end venues in Las Vegas and fed people on racetracks all over the country. His first taste of barbecue came from third party vendors on the track, and he was hooked. He loved all the different flavor combinations available to make a truly special and unique barbecue, while staying authentic.

He first learned of Dickey’s through his cousin, now business partner. Having lived in the San Antonio area for 40 years, he knew all about great Texas-style barbecue. The two went into business together and spent time researching different concepts. “We chose Dickey’s because it was well situated for growth, and we saw that there was a clear strategy in place,” Marc says.

Now, as an Owner/Operator, Marc attributes his success to the community marketing tools that Dickey’s offers all its franchisees. His favorite community marketing activity is dropping off family packs at local businesses. “I will spend the cost of one family pack to get two new customers every time,” he says. “It shows we are going the extra mile.” He knows that the business doesn’t survive without loyal customers, so he focuses on consistency and quality of all his products. That’s what makes Marc this week’s Brand Champion!