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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners – Patrick Harder of Amelia, OH

07 Oct 2016

What’s better than delicious, Texas-style barbecue? College football and delicious, Texas-style barbecue! Patrick Harder of store OH-802 scored a touchdown this weekend for his store when he was able to cater the University of Southern Florida football team. USF travelled to Cincinnati to play the Bearcats, and came out victorious! Thankfully, the team and all of the travelling personnel were able to celebrate with some good, slow-smoked barbecue!

The catering order turned out to be double the food that Harder imagined when USF requested two sandwiches per player.The team was clearly hungry after their win!

“It took a lot of us to get this done,” says Harder. “We loved catering this event and would love to do it again when they return to Cincinnati!”