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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners: Ryan McPeek of Rockford, IL

11 Mar 2016

Ryan McPeek opened his store in December and is already engaging his store’s neighborhood through Community Marketing and great ideas. 

Chicago is all about their sports teams and great food. What better way to combine the two than a raffle for Cubs tickets? On March 31 the Rockford store will host the drawing, and three guests
will win 2 tickets each to the big Cubs vs. Pirates game. To enter, guests will fill out a Big Yellow Cup Club entry, which Ryan uses to drive traffic and check counts.

“Community Marketing support has been great in these first few months of business,” Ryan says. “I am excited to attract more guests to the store to experience our amazing barbecue.  With the
tools Dickey’s offers such as the Big Yellow Cup Club and BMG cards, people in my community are hearing about the new store and coming in to try our authentic, Texas-style barbecue.”