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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners: Scott and Rachel Tyra of Issaquah WA

15 Jan 2016

After 20 years in the Navy, Scott and Rachel Tyra decided to go into business for themselves. They spent a year researching franchise concepts to ensure they made the wisest decision. They knew they wanted a fully vetted, well-known business with a proven success model. They liked that Dickey’s has a full training program with ongoing support and knew they wanted to invest in a family-owned, privately held company.

Having both grown up in Texas, Scott and Rachel already had a love for slow-smoked barbecue and they didn’t have many barbecue options in their adopted hometown near Seattle. They love the area and found a perfect opportunity to not only satisfy their craving, but build a business around it. “Our guests can feel our passion for great barbecue and when they learn our story they become passionate about it too,” Rachel says. “We have had a lot of success through community marketing and social media and have built a loyal following in our community using those tools.”

The store prides itself on community building activities and recently worked with the local high school football team’s booster club to cater the night before the state championship game. Scott gave a rousing pep talk and the team won the next day!