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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners - Shinder Singh of Palm Springs, CA

16 Feb 2016

Shinder Singh has a long history as a business owner, having owned gas stations, hotels and restaurants. He’s also currently a Firehouse Subs franchisee.. He chose to invest in a Dickey’s franchise because of the uniqueness of the concept and high quality of food.

In the beautiful desert community of Palm Springs, California, there is no other Fast Casual barbecue option, so the community flocks to Shinder’s store to get their fill of authentic, Texas-style barbecue. Since it is a fairly small community, Shinder has many loyal guests who have become friends and Shinder’s store has become a great local hangout.

“I partnered with Dickey’s because of the ongoing support that is provided from the home office,” Shinder says. “Community marketing enables me to increase my catering percentage and connect with the community. My store has also benefitted from Mr. Dickey’s visit and cooking segment on our local NBC station.”

Shinder is proud of his team of Pit Bosses, Pit Masters and Pit Crew, and gives credit to his team-spirited and enthusiastic team for the store’s success.