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Real Talk with Real Owners: Skyler Jones of Garden City, Idaho

18 Sep 2015

Skyler Jones photo 0910.jpg

Skyler’s management team left to right: Skyler Jones, Amber Curtis, Kat Bowden, Jenny Hughes, JJ Balderas, Keith Jones


For Skyler Jones, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is a family affair. After living in Texas for 14 years, Skyler and his father knew they needed to bring slow-smoked barbecue to their new hometown of Boise, Idaho. The father - son team now have three Dickey’s stores in the area, in addition to a family-owned storage facility business.


 A Brigham Young graduate in entrepreneurship and business management, Skyler always knew he wanted to start and grow his own business. After attending Dickey’s 4-week long training program at the corporate office, Barbecue University, he knew he was on track for success as a multi-franchise unit owner/operator.


Skyler and his father Keith are well-connected in the community, serving in their local church and making a practice of helping others. They have met many new friends through their service, who have now become loyal customers. “I enjoy selling food that I love to eat, and I love working with great people,” Skyler says. “My team is fantastic and we are building a tasty reputation in the Boise area.”