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Real Talk with Real Owners: Tom Eggerud of Eagan, MN

04 May 2016

It was with a blink of an eye when Owner/Operator Tom Eggerud joined the Dickey’s family. “Before I knew it, I was on a plane to Dallas to meet with Roland Dickey, Jr. to explore an opportunity with the Texas barbecue restaurant,” shares Tom. Excited about a proven franchise model with quick growth, it wasn’t long before he was opening his store in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region.

With a heavy focus on catering, much of Tom’s success has been his ability to retain repeat customers. “I place an emphasis on bringing that down home experience from the restaurant to the community,” he says. “Whether it’s a delivery buffet for 10, or a full-service catering event for 500, I focus on ensuring perfect execution and complete satisfaction as I interact with guests at the store, through catering or the community. It’s a gratifying experience to hear your store is top of mind 
for guests as they continue to choose you over the many options offered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.”
Tom enjoys the home office’s marketing support for providing a variety of community marketing efforts that keep his business relevant. “The most beneficial part is getting new ideas from the marketing team.  My store’ success and growth has not come from doing any one thing, but a result of many different types of marketing efforts.”

And those efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Recently, Tom was nominated to be a candidate for NFAAC, Dickey’s regional governing body of Owner/Operators. “I credit a lot of my store’s success to the dedication and commitment I've put toward it.  I plan to continue to grow and develop my store and this market.”