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Real Talk with Real Owners: Tom Emmons of Mesa, AZ

22 Feb 2016

Having grown up in his family restaurant, Tom Emmons knows great food and knows how to run a restaurant. He played every part in the family’s Kansas City hometown diner, from washing dishes to waiting tables. Now, as a restaurant owner himself he remembers what his mom used to say: “If the police are your regulars, you’re doing it right.”

Now with over four years under his belt as a Dickey’s Owner/Operator and another store in the works, Tom has plenty of first responders who have become loyal guests. He regularly takes food to police stations and sponsors charity activities for them and other organizations such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

“My favorite part of working at Dickey’s is the people,” Tom says. “Because of community marketing activities, I have made many relationships with people in local businesses who have become loyal catering clients. It’s been a great benefit to have the resources that are there to guide where to go next.”