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Real Talk with Real Owners: Varun Arora and Bobby Desai of Troy, MI

18 Mar 2016

In 2014, Owner/Operators Varun Arora and Bobby Desai of Troy, Michigan decided to expand their franchising portfolio and invest in Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. “We were impressed by the fast growth that Dickey’s exuded from 2012 to 2014,” shares Arora. “From the praise on the high-quality food to the lack of slow-smoked barbecue options in Michigan, we were immediately sold once we took an in-depth look into the Dickey’s brand and rapid expansion plan,” added Desai.

Arora and Desai were also impressed by Dickey’s extensive training support, which has led to their store’s great success. The avid entrepreneurs own multiple businesses in a variety of industries including Subway franchises. “The ongoing franchisee support and weekly training modules have been instrumental in our success,” Desai shared. “The in-store team learns so much from the marketing and training tools provided by Dickey’s home office,” Desai shared. “As owners of multiple businesses, there’s no other franchisee support that can compare and allow for seamless day-to-day operations.”

The dynamic duo utilizes the marketing team’s support to further expose their store to the surrounding community. With a business park nearby, Arora and Desai take a creative approach in how they introduce Texas-style barbecue to the store’s area. Currently, their community marketing efforts include weekly food drops to local businesses, which are positively impacting their catering sales and lunch crowd. They hope to inspire other Owners/Operators to get into their community and utilize Dickey’s first-class support if they want a successful franchise.  “We understand that our biggest opportunities are right here in our backyard and we are excited to expand the Dickey’s brand with our Ann Arbor location this summer.”