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Barbecue Buzz

Real Talk with Real Owners: Wesley Harbin of Northport and Taylorville, AL

09 Jun 2016

It’s a jubilee in The Heart of the Dixie with Owner/Operator Wesley Harbin at his two stores located in Northport and Taylorville, Alabama. Bringing a strong family focus to his stores, Wesley uses karaoke and game nights as a way to connect with members of the community. “I enjoy taking a unique approach by giving people entertainment while we serve barbecue. It’s also enjoyable to watch families turn their take-out orders to dine-in because of their enthusiasm for the in-store activities,” shares Wesley.

With his in-store community marketing initiatives outpouring into his partnerships with local schools and charities, it’s no wonder Wesley has been able to maintain a 21 percent catering at his Northport store. “The marketing team does a great job in providing new ideas and resources to grow our catering and dining sales.” Wesley adds, “I recommend that Owner/Operators hire a brand ambassador as a great help to increase their store’s bottom line. Brand ambassadors have the availability and experience to present your product to the community in creative ways, making a world of difference.”

Motivated to make people happy through his commitment in events and food, Wesley shares, “The most rewarding experience is being able to serve people and hear them rave about the food’s quality.”