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Barbecue Buzz

Remember Y'all: Barbecue Doesn't Need Gimmicks!

29 Sep 2014

At Dickey’s, we try not to take ourselves too seriously…unless it’s about barbecue, of course. That’s why when it comes to barbecue, we don’t have time for gimmicks! If you’ve ever thought about the word “gimmick”, you find yourself in the same ballpark with phrases like “attention grabbing” and “charade.” We’ve all seen brands that need a “gimmick” -- a hot blonde, a nice car and a barbecue sandwich.  Well our barbecue speaks for itself. Mr. Dickey’s latest commercials show the world of barbecue and Dickey’s fans that we “don’t need gimmicks to sell our barbecue!”


Although it’s pretty hilarious to see our founder dressed up in costumes, we gotta agree slow smoked authentic barbecue is better than a gimmick any day!